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Tirana Facts

With the complete renovation of the city’s central square, the Skanderbeg Square and after awarded the ‘European Youth Capital 2022’ title by the European Youth Forum, we are proud to say that now Tirana is camera ready.

What makes Tirana unique is the mix between modern architecture and the old style of Italian and communists’ buildings. In a few minutes you can get access to quite diversity of landscape from high mountings to lakes and rivers.

On top of that you will meet young talented professionals that are very passionate and English is like their first language.

  • 280 days of sun in one year;
  • Easily accessible locations in few hours;
  • 90% of film production and support companies in this sector are registered and operate in the city of Tirana;
  • Technical equipment such as cameras, lighting and studio costs are the cheapest in the region;
  • Highly qualified English-speaking staff;
  • Airport with direct lines to Europe;
  • Mediterranean cuisine;
  • Competitive prices for the construction and wardrobe department;
    (population 557,422; Area: 1,110.03 km2; Highest point 1,613 m; Altitude 110 m)

Location guide.

The following first impressions will give you an overview of the diverse and beautiful city of Tirana